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Trainings by Image in a Box was designed with you in mind. With easy-to-follow training videos and one-on-one coaching, you’ll master your role and improve your marketing efforts at your own pace.

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Our easy-to-follow training courses are on-demand so you can learn at your own pace. As a subscriber, you'll get access to the current available courses and future courses coming soon on Facebook Analytics and Google Ad Grants.


Training for Everyone

Whether you work for a nonprofit, your own small business, or as a marketer for a larger organization, our marketing courses are relevant for all marketing professionals. 

1:1 Help with Experts

Don’t know what your true business goals are? Not sure about the next step after learning your new skill? Our experts are here to provide you with personalized, one-on-one help and actionable tips so you can excel. They are just a phone call or email away.


Our Current Courses

Here's a quick view of the courses we currently offer to our subscribers. 

Google Analytics 101: Track Your Marketing Success

You may be familiar with Google Analytics already, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Our course will walk you through:

  • Audience Demographics & Interests
  • Benchmarking
  • Conversions and Goals Setup
  • Automated Email Reporting

After you finish this course, you'll be able to confidently track your marketing success using Google Analytics.

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Identifying and Creating Your Nonprofit's Ideal Donor

Launching 4/14/20

Do you need to increase your nonprofit's donations, but aren't sure what's not working? Learn how you can do that by identifying and creating a donor persona. Our course will walk you through:

  • Simple Research Methods
  • Step-by-Step Persona Creation Process
  • Incorporating Your Persona into Your Strategy
  • Maintaining Long-Standing Donors and Volunteers

With personalized help and actionable tips, you'll learn how to tailor your marketing efforts to the right person to increase your donations.


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Meet Your Course Instructors


Justin Givens, Technical Director at Image in a Box

  • Fully-caffeinated coding warrior and marketing expert
  • Certified in Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Has implemented marketing solutions for 10+ years
  • Has taught 50+ live workshops

“I enjoy sharing my expertise in the digital marketing space because I love seeing businesses succeed. Through my experience, I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t getting the most out of their marketing efforts. I know it can be hard to dedicate the time to master a skill, which is why I created easy-to-follow lessons that can be taken at any pace.”


Michelle Givens, Managing Director at Image in a Box

  • Expert marketing strategist
  • HubSpot Inbound Certified
  • Has helped businesses meet and exceed goals for 10+ years
  • Has taught 30+ live workshops

“Our training platform exists to help marketers from any industry to easily take their marketing to the next level. This means personalized, one-on-one help instead of just figuring it out on your own. With many live training sessions under our belt, we knew it was time to make our training available 24/7 so that people can access it whenever it is most convenient for them.”

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increase in website lead generation


increase in revenue from website


increase in website conversions


increase in online program registrations

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